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Chevron Multifak EP are multipurpose extreme pressure greases. They are manufactured using selected highly refined medium viscosity index base oils, a lithium 12-hydroxystearate thickener, an extreme pressure additive, and rust and oxidation inhibitors. NLGI grade 000 is red in color and stringy in texture. NLGI grades 00, 0, 1 and 2 are amber in color and buttery in texture.
Chevron Multifak EP have high load-carrying capacity and, therefore, provide good protection of lubricated parts against wear. They provide excellent lubrication in the presence of water, protect bearing surfaces against corrosion, and have excellent resistance to oxidation, which ensures long life in storage and in use. They are work stable. They resist separation or throw out from antifriction bearings. They have low oil bleeding tendency under pressure and are pumpable at low temperatures.
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