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Operator Friendly and Environmentally Friendly Sump Cleaner
EQO-KLEEN SMP is a moderate-duty, mildly alkaline cleaner designed for use in cleaning large central systems and individual machine tools. This product is specifically designed to be operator friendly and environmentally safer than traditional harsh sump cleaning chemistries. Eqo-Kleen SMP is formulated without the use of caustics, silicates, phosphates, glycol ethers or alkyl-phenol surfactants. It can be used in pressure washing, dip tanks, agi-lifts, spray washers and floor scrubbers as well as other cleaning applications requiring a moderate-duty, low foam degreaser.
EQO-KLEEN SMP is safe to use on all metal surfaces.

Performance Benefits

• Operator friendly due to mild pH and pleasant citrus odor (contains d-limonene)
• Excellent corrosion protection helps prevent machine tools from rusting
• Low foaming surfactants to prevent pump cavitations and foam-outs
• Low residue formula allows for easy rinsing of machine tool surfaces before recharging sump
with coolant recommended
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