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PA201 BRIX (0.0 to 56.0)

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The PA201 digital Brix refractometer is a valuable instrument used extensively as a base scale for measuring non-sugar fluids such as metalworking fluids, lubricants and industrial chemicals. Range 0 to 56 Brix, Resolution 0.1%, Precision +/-0.1%.


• Optical Engine Technology: Sapphire Optics, High Definition 1,024 Element Detector Array

• Stainless Steel Sample Well, Protective Evaporation Cover, Large 24-Character LCD, Display Backlight

• Easy to use: one button to take readings, one button to cycle through menu options

• Automatically calibrates itself to water; Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

• 5 language prompt choices

• Optional accessories including a rugged storage case, protective armor jacket (3-colors), disposable transfer pipettes and NIST-traceable calibration certification

• Made in the USA!

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