Chevron Lubricants

Chevron Lubricants


e can supply a product to you in a 5-Gallon pail or up to a transport. We have the expertise to assist you with your lubricant needs and the know-how to show you how to get the most from those products. Let us work with you to show you how to properly take oil samples and what to look for when reading the report. We will work with you on how to interpret

the results and use the information to extend the life of the lubricant and thus, the equipment you have invested in the company. If a fluid related issue should arise, you can be rest assured that you will be working with a Certified Lubrication Engineer. Plus, our suppliers are available to support their products and services if we are not able to find an answer.


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Chevron Way Lubricants deliver value through:

Excellent separation from metalworking coolants — The SKC (SKC Gleittechnik) coolant separation test showed excellent separation from a wide variety of commercial coolants.
Excellent adhesion — Stringiness agent minimizes leakage and helps control lubrication costs.
• Smooth tool motion — Low coefficient of static friction minimizes the chances of “stick-slip” or jerky
movement of machine tool sliding parts which have cast iron or plastic moving on cast iron.
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