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Q-CUT 245C

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High Performance Semi-Synthetic

Q-CUT 245C is a chlorine free, halogen free, high performance semi-synthetic fluid for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product utilizes state of the art raw materials to eliminate the rancidity and cleanliness issues associated with most soluble oils and semi-synthetics. The product is designed for use on a wide range of metals, which makes it well suited for job shop operations. Q-CUT 245C is non-staining to sensitive aerospace alloys, aluminum (including 319, 356, 6061T-6, 7075), and yellow metals. The product also has excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals. The fluid has a tight emulsion to promote tramp oil rejection and exhibits excellent hard water stability up to 35 grains of hardness. Q-CUT 245C runs clean, has excellent bioresistance, and is non-foaming.

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