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Premium Semi-Synthetic with EP

XTREME CUT 231 is a premium semi-synthetic fluid for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. This universal fluid delivers the lubricity and versatility of a premium soluble oil, yet has the cleanliness and heat control of a synthetic. XTREME CUT 231 is designed for use on a wide range of metals, making it well suited for job shop operations. The product contains an extreme pressure additive as well as other high performance additives to improve tool life and part quality. XTREME CUT 231 also has excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals. The fluid has a tight emulsion to promote tramp oil rejection and exhibits excellent hard water stability up to 35 grains of hardness. XTREME CUT 231 utilizes state of the art raw materials to prevent the rotten egg odors associated with most soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids. The fluid runs clean, has excellent bioresistance, and is low foaming.

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